We help South African Businesses Grow
Without Wasting Money On Advertising

Strategic Marketing Consulting Services

We provide strategic marketing services to businesses that want to grow at a reasonable monthly fee.
We work with you to achieve your growth goals and focus our efforts on systems
that assist you and your team to reach, engage and serve your target market.

Market Research

Our 6-step approach to market research is the basis for a successful return on your marketing investment. We will help you identify your market position and competitive edge. Read More…

Marketing Strategy & Plans

Our marketing strategy and plan development will help you clearly define your competitive advantage and approach your marketing and sales promotion with certainty. Read More…


Consider your marketing done. Our implementation service covers the management of your marketing, advertising and promotional plan on a monthly basis. Read More…

Web Design & Development

Your website is the primary engagement platform clients use to find out about you and your business. We design websites to meet the marketing need and engage clients. We always look for a balance between good looks and functionality.

 Content Marketing

The building block of trust between you and your clients. We develop content that captivates the imagination of your prospect and encourages them to take action is core to the success of your marketing and sales efforts. Read More…

Our Clients – Large & Small

Marketing Tips & Tricks

For the past 12 years, the team at Market Magnet has implemented a systemised approach 

to help businesses large and small grow their profits by increasing leads, conversions 

and repeat business without wasting money on advertising.