Are You Ready To Market Your Business?

Ready To Market Your Business?

Marketing evolves year on year and in fact almost monthly. New marketing trends, new marketing tools and many new marketing distractions become available almost daily.

What should you be focusing on with your marketing in South Africa as you need business to start coming in?

Here is a list of the top, easiest to implement and fastest return marketing tools you can use in your business today.

1 – Website

The first and most obvious tool, your website. Yes, it’s 2019 and you definitely need a website and not just any website but a smart website. Traditionally, websites were set up as digital or online brochures and yes, this is important but websites are becoming smarter and more and more functional. 

Your website is generally the first port of call as clients research you before contacting you and your website needs to entice potential clients to raise their hand and say to you, please help me… Usually done by getting them to fill in your form and request information from you so that they sell themselves on you as the best fit for their needs.

2 – Lead Magnet

This takes us to the second tool you need, a well-structured lead magnet. This tool is called a lead magnet because it is built to be attractive to your potential clients so that they can find out more about you and your products and services. This is part of your pre-sales education and qualification process. And the major benefit to you…is Once they download the lead magnet from your site, you now have their details and you can continue marketing to them and begin the sales process. 

Oh by the way, your lead magnets are simple but informative items that educate your clients. These are often presented in the form of downloadable videos, PDFs, Courses, Podcasts, articles and blog posts. All of which form part of your content strategy. 

I have attached a content strategy template for you to download for free and use in your business. The link is here. It’s free… Get it and Use it…

Free Content Strategy Template Download

3 – Promotional Platforms

The third tool at your disposal is a variety of promotional platforms and Yes, there are many places on and offline that you could promote your business but many are expensive, complex and don’t always deliver the results they promise. This means that choosing the platforms where you promote your business should be guided by your marketing strategy. If you don’t have a marketing strategy, you need to get one!!!

Your strategy will become your guide for the amounts of money you need to invest in your marketing and where to invest it as well as your follow-through strategy after the promotion has taken place.

Here is a quick guide for the marketing platforms that you should consider for your business: which include Online Marketing Platforms:

like Google Adwords for search engine text ads as well as image ads. If your product is visually appealing, image ads may be the way to go. 

Then consider Youtube Video Adverts. This type of promotion is becoming more and more effective because Youtube has become the second biggest search engine and of course, bing and yahoo are available but here in South Africa, they have far less impact. 

Facebook is another consideration even though it is becoming more expensive but the targeting is quite accurate based on individual interests and activities.

Many people don’t invest their time in network marketing. Did you know that there is a networking event every day or night in just about every major city around the country? 

Get involved and be in front of people digitally or physically, it is the best way to build your brand and sell your services and products.

The goal is to be visible where your clients expect to see you or your product. Your marketing strategy should make this clear. If not… redo your strategy.

And here’s a little secret. You can market for free on Facebook, LinkedIn Google and Youtube. 

4 – Sales Strategy

No business exists without sales. 

Planning and implementing a specific and strategic sales strategy is key to the success of not only your marketing but your overall business too.

Even if you don’t have a sales team, even if you close your sales online or if your clients go into a shop to buy your products, knowing how they buy and what they consider when making a purchase will go a long way in shortening the sales cycle. Quicker sales results in more profit.

5 – After Sales Strategy

You have made the sale… Yipee… Money has come in…. Yay… Now what?

Now you want to keep this client happy so that they come back to you to buy again and refer you to other potential clients.

Plan each step of the after sales strategy with a focus on 3 parts:

  1. Delivering exceptional after sales service
  2. Keeping the client engaged
  3. Encouraging referrals from the happiest clients.

So, Are you Ready to Market Your Business? If you are, well done, go build a successful business this year… If Not, get yourself ready. It is the only way you will survive this year.

Remember, do all you can to build your business. Please share this content and stay in touch.

Do you want to grow your business but don’t have the time or skill to implement low-cost strategic marketing tactics? I am here to help. Contact me and we will take you through a free marketing and sales assessment to uncover your growth potential, I will show you how to find and generate more leads, close more business and increase your bottomline profits.. Visit and we will arrange a time to meet up.