Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

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Remember that content is the building block of trust between your business and potential clients.

Consistency is key in building relationships and the more content you send to your clients the better as long as every interaction is jam-packed with value.

One thing you will notice in the content strategy template is that there are many types of content that needs creation and various delivery methods for each.

By far, the easiest content to deliver is digital content but don’t shy away from the more traditional physical items too. People like to hold onto “things”, especially if these “things”, your content, provide high-levels of value.

So, What is valuable to your clients?

Here’s a hint:

Information that tells your client how they will benefit from using you and your products/services without selling…

Call to actions should be included in the content but definitely not sales language.

Selling puts people off… but be ready for when they want to buy from you.

Content Creation and Building Content

Building content is not as tricky as it seems. However, there are a number of elements to think about:

1. What type of content do you need?
2. What format should it be in?
3. How to deliver it to your clients and prospects?
4. How much content do you need?

All very important questions and part of your overall marketing strategy.

Here’s how this works:

The first, The type of content do you need:

Your content should be informative, educational and not full of sales statements like
“buy now” or Get It Now…

Your content should answer the questions to the most pressing problems or needs your client has in relation to your products, service and industry.

The second… The format of your content:

The format of your content should cater to the different ways your customers consume information. Some are readers, some listen to Podcasts and most prefer video content.

Develop your content in your preferred format and then repurpose the same content into different formats.

I do this by first writing a blog post, then turning it into a video and then using the audio from the video for a podcast. Simple.

Third, Delivery methods:

Delivering your content can be tricky but guided by your marketing strategy your content delivery becomes systematic.

Depending on the stage in your marketing and sales process, your content needs to be delivered in different ways. From the introductory to relationship building, Deal making to After Sales and business development, these include:
advertising, emailing, marketing automation, hand delivery and many other types of delivery…

Forth, How much content needed:

The amount of content depends on your unique situation based on:
◦ Your marketing cycle
◦ Your sales cycle
◦ Client retention needs
◦ Referral value

Fifth, How to uncover what your marketing content needs to be about.

Each stage of the content marketing strategy has a specific purpose:
Stage 1: Introduction,
Stage 2: Relationship Building,
Stage 3: Deal Making,
Stage 4: After Sales,
Stage 5: Business Development,

And your content needs to fully satisfy the educational needs of your client in each stage.

Stage 1:
Introductory information about your business and the benefits for your clients of you being a reputable brand within your industry.

Stage 2:
Information that gets the client to like and trust you. This is usually advisory information and informs the clients of things to look out for when in the market for your type of product.

Stage 3:
Here, your content needs to show the client that you offer a guarantee or a risk reversal and that you have various payment options (if possible). In other words, make it easy for the client to buy from you.

Stage 4:
This content needs to consistently reassure your client that you care about them and respect their business.

Stage 5:
Business development content should be structured to add additional value and request referrals.

All these content stages need to be based on delivering high-value and almost never asking for a sale.

If you plan your content well, your client will naturally close the deals with you.

If you haven’t downloaded the Content Template already, get it here…

No get out there and market your business…

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