Find a good marketing company in South Africa

How to find a good marketing company in South Africa.

So you need to market your business to increase sales and turnover and you need to find a good marketing company in South Africa. I am glad that you have taken the time to realize the importance of promoting your business and I am glad to see that you are looking for a good marketing company in South Africa.

We have heard it time and time again:

  • Where can I find a good marketing company in Johannesburg?
  • Where can I find a good marketing company in Sandton?
  • Where can I find a good marketing company in Pretoria?
  • Where can I find a good marketing company in Durban?
  • Where can I find a good marketing company in Cape Town?

The trick to finding a good marketing company in South Africa is to look at where their interests lie….
I’ll explain….

There are many marketing companies in South Africa, but be warned many are good, many are bad and many don’t have your best interest at heart. We have found that a number of marketing companies have a rather strange way of finding out the type of service you may need.

We conducted a Study

In a study we conducted most marketing companies within each major city in South Africa disqualify you by first asking you about your marketing budget.

If your answer does not suit their bottom-line you are out the door immediately. Remember that a marketing company should priorities your profits above theirs because if they help you to become successful then you will keep using them as a service provider.

Types Of Marketing Companies In South Africa

These marketing companies only position themselves as advertising type marketing companies and knowing this upfront will help you choose the right marketing company in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town or anywhere throughout South Africa

Your Unique Business Needs

You know as well as we do that your business is unique and the marketing, advertising and promotional needs of your business are not the same as anyone else’s.

Sure, similar marketing theory applies from business to business but the finer details of your customers will be unique to you and your offer.

Look out for these 8 warning signs:

  1. The marketing company wants to know your marketing budget upfront
  2. They don’t want to meet first
  3. They only deal with you over email or phone
  4. They quote before knowing what you are about
  5. They quote before knowing what you sell
  6. They quote before knowing who your target market is
  7. They only want to work remotely

In contrast to these negative characteristics of a marketing company that is more concerned about their profits and not yours, look at how a South African marketing company should approach and engage you as a client.


The marketing company should want to meet you to understand:

    1. What you are selling?
    2. Are you product or service based or a combination of the two?
    3. Who you are selling to?
    4. Who you are servicing?
    5. Are there any additional sales opportunities through up-selling and cross-selling?
    6. What is the best way to communicate with your ideal client?
    7. Where your ideal client spends their time?
    8. Is your ideal client online or offline?
    9. Who are your competitors?
    10. How are you different from your competitors?
    11. How can we differentiate you from your competition?
    12. How often should we communicate with current clients?
    13. Can we reactivate past clients?
    14. How many leads do you need on an on-going basis?
    15. Can we help you bundle your products in order to increase sales?
    16. Will marketing automation work in your business?
    17. Is your sales closing ratio up to standard?
    18. How can we increase the closing ratios of leads that are generated?
    19. How can your sales team qualify leads better?
    20. If you have saturated your market, how can you diversify or innovate to reignite your business opportunity?

These questions above are mostly related to the promotional part of marketing. There is a whole subset of marketing related questions related to your procurement too.

All about you and your business

Marketing services are not about what a company can sell you but rather what your specific business needs in order help you grow.

Maybe you only need Social Media Marketing or your brand needs promotion or you need creative ways of reaching your target audience in a way that would help them see that they actually want and need what you sell.

Yes, your marketing needs to be centred around your customer but the efforts of the marketing company you choose need to be centred around your business so that all marketing and promotional efforts relate directly to your customers’ needs and wants in relation to your products and services.

Choosing a good marketing company in South Africa Should be Simple

It is pretty simple, the marketing company you decide to use needs to become an extension of your business. I describe to my new clients that it is as if you have hired a full marketing department, dealing directly with me with about 30 people behind the scenes working in another building. At a fraction of the cost of the cost and without the HR issues.

Right, what two do next….

If you want to grow your business and build a stronger brand do the following:

  • Find a marketing company close to you, although not necessarily the best option.
  • Contact them and see how they treat you up front.
  • Book a free initial consultation to assess your growth potential.
  • Get a detailed proposal of what needs to be done for your business.
  • Make sure that the proposal will meet your growth goals.
  • Check that the price is right.
  • Accept the proposal.
  • Get going.

Want to grow your business?

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