Get Clients To Respond To Your Marketing-Hook Story Offer

Get Clients To Respond To Your Marketing

Welcome to 2020…I’m saying welcome as if it is my year… In fact, It is my year and it can be your year of success too if you follow these simple Marketing and advertising tips that will help you Get Clients To Respond To Your Marketings.

I will take you through a simple marketing concept that will help engage clients and prospects and encourage them to take action on your offer.

A simplified version of the marketing formula.

This simple marketing concept that will help engage clients and prospects and encourage them to take action on your offer was developed by Russell Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels and it is a simplified version of the marketing formula. It goes like this… Hook, Story, and Offer…

Let me put this into context for you with an example of how to Get Clients To Respond To Your Marketing

You may need to use a bit of imagination…
Several years ago I was a semi-professional musician. I played drums and percussion for many bands, I was in Swan Lake, the ballet, not dancing but playing the percussion in the orchestra as well as several other classical performances. I was a recording studio a session drummer and performed on a number of albums.

So I will use this version of myself as an example for the hook, story and offer marketing formula.

Now, imagine that you were a drummer and you came across an advert that looked like this…

Want to play the drums fast and get the girls?

If you were a drummer, that would be an appealing hook.

From the hook, I would then deliver my story…

When I started playing the drums at nine years old I was not allowed to touch a drum for 2 years until I mastered the basic rudiments with speed and accuracy. Perfecting singles, doubles, and paradiddles until I was playing at breakneck speeds….

And here is my offer…

If you want to learn the 5 skills I perfected click the link below and get my free speed drumming training video.

The hook: Learn to play fast and get the chicks…

The Story: my 2 years of speed training

And the offer: download the free video.

It has been years since I played the drums to any pro standards so don’t download anything… and this is just an example of the hook, story, offer strategy.

Now relate this to your business.

What is your hook, story, and offer?

Work it from front to back and make sure that you have an offer that someone wants to get their hands on.

Heres an example from back to front, this one is for my marketing business.

Starting with the offer…

We offer free marketing and sales consultations where we help you uncover the hidden marketing assets within your business that will help you grow without wasting money on advertising.
What a cool offer…

Our Story goes like this:

For the past 12 years, my team has helped hundreds of businesses across many industries grow by tapping into the marketing and sales assets already available to you. We have helped companies in the mining industry, motor industry, food and beverage, medical, wholesale and retail industries and many other types of businesses big and small. We work with companies as far as Pakistan, Australia, Zambia and of course South Africa. Our growth rate ranges from 30 to 70 % with most of the businesses that use our services.
Now that’s a story…

Let’s look at the hook….

We have several hooks that lead to our story and offer…

Here’s one:

Want to grow your business without wasting money on Advertising?

here’s another,

Want better quality leads?

and another,

Are you ready to solve your lead generation problem?

As you can see our hooks are questions.

Your hook may be a question or statement that will drive your leads to want to know more about the way you will help them overcome a problem related to your product or service. Your story must demonstrate how you and your offer is their solution. This will make them want to take you up on your offer.

I have now given you two examples of hook, story, offer. From drums to marketing.
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Pay careful attention to your offer… and ask yourself what will your audience find appealing as an offer. You could have the best hook and the best story but if your offer doesn’t motivate your prospect to take action you will have a low conversion rate.

Keeping in mind that the purpose of this exercise is to get clients to put their hand up and ask you for advice and help or to buy your products. You must also be aware of where your prospect is within the buying cycle and determine whether this offer should be free or not. If the objective is to generate leads then I suggest that your initial offer should be free.

Remember that clients want to know what they will get out of engaging with you and your business. In my examples, drummers will get the chicks by playing the drums at breakneck speeds and business owners will grow their business, make more profit by building sales and marketing strategies that actually work without wasting money on advertising.

What is your hook, your engaging story, and your compelling offer?
If you need help developing your hook, story, and offer, feel free to contact me and I will show you how we do this successfully for many businesses. There is no charge for our discovery consultation and if anything, you will learn how to get clients and prospects to respond to your marketing and advertising.

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