Marketing is Marketing is Marketing

Marketing is marketing is marketing…

The only thing that changes is the product or service you offer and the audience you need to attract to which you present that offer, so that they become interested, develop a need and decide to buy. 

Simple… Right? Well, not quite….

Even though the basic premise is to attract clients to your business so that they buy from you is simple enough, there is far more to it than meets the eye… or what we see others doing…

So the Iceberg theory, which I am applying to marketing is this:Marketing Iceberg

“Observation that in many (if not most) cases only a very small amount (the ‘tip’) of information is available or visible about a situation or phenomenon, whereas the ‘real’ information or bulk of data is either unavailable or hidden. The principle gets its name from the fact that only about 1/10th of an iceberg’s mass is seen outside while about 9/10th of it is unseen, deep down in the water.”

Its what we don’t see about that counts.

The planning, the preparation, the strategy, the content and marketing collateral… is what makes good marketing work well and good marketing working well is what makes your business profitable. 

This is the only way you will make a success of your marketing efforts and build unlimited business opportunities.

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