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Market Research

We will help you identify your market position and competitive edge.

The purpose of the market research

The purpose of the market research service is to help you identify your market position and to help you increase the value of your offer to current and potential markets.

The aim of the research is to link the potential and current customers to the benefits of your offer through gathered data. This data will be used to identify and define marketing opportunities,  problems and to generate, refine and evaluate marketing actions as well as monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of the marketing as a process-specific the various vertices within your business. 

Our Market Research Process in 6 Steps

Our team employs the following six step research process:

Diagnosing the current situation or problem based on detailed information gathered from you in our initial sessions. These session are a series of meetings (in person or online) that detail the scope of the research needed and the expected outcome.

Based on the Situation definition, our team develops the approach to the research which includes formulating an objective or theoretical framework, analytical models, research questions, hypotheses, and identifying characteristics or factors that can influence the research design. 

Details the procedures necessary for obtaining the required information, and its purpose is to design a study that will test the hypotheses of interest, determine possible answers to the research questions, and provide the information needed for decision making. Decisions are also made regarding what data should be obtained from the respondents (e,g,, by conducting a survey or an experiment).

Based on the above components the data collection process takes place, enabling the generation of insights that will influence data analysis and ultimately affect the marketing strategy.

The process where data is organised, reviewed, verified, and interpreted.

A written report that addresses the specific research questions identified; describes the approach, the research design, data collection, and data analysis procedures adopted; and presents the results and the major findings.

Our Market Research Duration & Cost


The duration of the research is determined by the scope of the market research project.

Market Research Costs

We employ a phased costing approach based on the first phase of the research process thereafter the costs of the research component will be costed and quoted.