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Monthly Marketing Campaign Planner

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Eg: Many similar companies to mine offer surface-level advertising or web design and call it marketing. At Market Magnet, we cover the full range of marketing, including market planning, marketing and sales mentoring, campaign implementation, measurement and accountability and seriously cool reporting that helps our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Product, Price, Place, Promotion


List Your Top Competitors (Use the "+" to add additional competitors.)

Competitor Name


Swot Analysis

Use the "+" to add additional items below.

  • Eg 1: Maybe too much attention is focused on the smaller details.
  • Eg 2: Willing to work through the night to make sure that the client is happy.
  • Eg 3: campaign perfection is often not needed.
  • Eg 4: Zoom meetings are good, but face-to-face develops better relationships
  • Eg 1: Brilliant business acumen
  • Eg 2: Great opportunity spotting for clients to open new markets
  • Eg 3: Brilliant team of implementors
  • Eg 4: Great tech stack for marketing systems
  • Eg 1: New Potential clients throughout South Africa and across the border.
  • Eg 2: New campaigns add value and build trust with potential clients.
  • Eg 3: New exciting tactics that work really well.
  • Eg 4: Creative, Strategy and Development ability of the Market Magnet team
  • Eg 1: Actions of the competitors
  • Eg 2: Marketing budget constraints
  • Eg 3: Potential customers' ability to buy
  • Eg 4: The economy

Marketing Tactics How will you communicate your offer?

Marketing Automation and Follow Up

Describe your Marketing Automation and Automated Followup process.


  • First Follow-up: Send a welcome email. Back this up with a phone call.
  • Second Follow-up: Send 3 points of value in dealing with Market Magnet.
  • Third Follow-up: Send a client testimonial.
  • Forth Follow-up: Send a link to our latest webinar replay. Call to make sure they received it.
  • Fith Follow-up: Send an email asking if the client needs any further clarity.
  • Sixth Follow-up: Send an email that asks for an online  appointment.

Build The Campaign

What needs to be developed or designed for this campaign?

Task Delegation

Who should complete the tasks required to make the campaign a success?

Where can we send this campaign?

Complete your details, and we will email your campaign PDF to you.


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