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Free Monthly Marketing Planner Instructions

Well-executed market research and the development of your marketing plan is vital to the success of a your business. Yet writing a marketing plan is a commonly ignored part of business planning, especially in the digital age when an entrepreneur can start an online promotions with minimal effort. 

Writing your monthly marketing plan will give you a guideline for your marketing efforts without the time commitment of preparing a full marketing strategy. While a full marketing plan for any business is a good idea, there are several benefits to an abbreviated monthly marketing plan if you are wanting to save time without engaging in a marketing strategy.

The monthly marketing plan:

  1. Can be prepared quickly.
  2. Will give business owners a marketing to-do list, in addition to a general snapshot of their marketing situation.
  3. Can later work as a springboard into a more comprehensive marketing strategy,
  4. Help you choose the best marketing channels each month for the specific products and service you are promoting.

I have included a sample campaign below and a video that takes you through the process step-by-step.

Campaign Planner Sections

Here is a list of the sections of your monthly marketing plan, with a brief description of each to help you customise the plan for your business.

  • Target Market – This is who you’re hoping to reach with your marketing message (including demographics, like age groups, ethnic groups, sex, location, etc.). And who this campaigned is aimed at. This could be current clients, past clients or new prospects.
  • Industry Trends – What is currently happening within your market place of industry
  • Marketing Objectives – The purpose of each specific campaign.
  • Goal(s) – Choose specific and measurable goals that you hope to attain with your marketing efforts, and note them on your one-page marketing plan.
  • Strategies – Strategies very generally state how you plan to reach your goals. For example, if your goal is to increase visitors to your website 10,000 in a year, an example strategy might be to increase in and outbound marketing and sales activities. Anything more specific would be considered a “tactic.”
  • Monthly Marketing Budget – You need to estimate your monthly marketing budget, which will serve as a guideline when choosing your marketing tactics.
  • Marketing Mix – The marketing mix is basically a breakdown of the 4 Ps of marketing.
  • Top 3 Competitors – While you likely have many competitors, pick at least the top three competitors that you’ll need to position your products or services against in order to analyse them and form a comparison. By “top competitors” we’re talking about those that are most directly related to you; not necessarily the most well-known.
  • Your Strengths – List your primary strengths as opposed to your top competitors in relation to this camping.
  • Your Weaknesses – List your primary weaknesses as opposed to your top competitors. Saying “I don’t have any weaknesses,” isn’t acceptable. Every business has weaknesses in the competitive environment. You can’t overcome them if you don’t acknowledge them.
  • Call to action What action do you want your prospects and leads to take once receiving your marketing material?
  • Lead Magnet – What value will you offer to prospects in order to get them to take action? 
  • Follow-through plan – Oncer they respond, how will you follow up?
  • Monthly Tactics – Here’s where you’ll choose very specific marketing tactics that fit within your strategies and your marketing budget. This one page marketing plan template lets you break them down monthly in order to ensure that your marketing efforts are continual, instead of using up the marketing budget on one or two tactics early on.
  • Start and End dates – That dates between which your campaign will run.

Sample Campaign

Month January
Campaign Name New Business Generator
What are you promoting? The opportunity for customers to grow their business without wasting money on advertising.
Target Market South African businesses that want to grow and currently turnover between 1 – 20 million per year
Industry Trends

Many similar companies to mine offer surface-level advertising or web design and call it marketing.

At Market Magnet, we cover the full range of marketing, including market planning, marketing and sales mentoring, campaign implementation, measurement and accountability.

Marketing Objectives
  • Brand building
  • Reputation Management
  • Thought Leadership
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase Conversions
  • Client Retention and Lifetime Value
  • Past Client Reactivation
  • Total Online Presence
  • Introducing a New Product/Service
Marketing Goals
  • Offer value to potential clients
  • Grow list of interested leads
  • Nurture leads with valuable content
  • Book free assessments and discovery sessions (on or offline)
  • Sign up new clients
Strategy Promote the marketing services of Market Magnet and demonstrate business growth opportunities that will interest potential clients, build trust and encourage clients to want a free consultation. There after offer a proposal for service and work with clients longterm to help them grow their business through marketing strategy and implementation.
Marketing Budget This months budget will start at R2500 and scale to a cap of to R40000
Marketing Mix

Product: Marketing consultation and marketing implementation services

Price: Based on the clients need (Range from R12 000- R 60 000)

Place: Services throughout South Africa but mostly in Jhb Ctn and Dbn

Promotion: As per this campaign

Top 3 Competitors N/A
  • Brilliant business understanding
  • Great opportunity spotting for clients to open new markets
  • Brilliant team of implementors
  • Strategies are structured to help maximise lead generation with reduced advertising spend
  • Weekly meetings with clients
  • Results focused
  • Maybe too much attention focused on the smaller details
  • Campaign perfection is often not needed
  • Willing to work through the night to make sure client is happy
  • New clients throughout the country
  • New campaigns add real value and build trust
  • New exciting marketing tactic that work really well
  • Competition
Call To Action Get your monthly campaign planner here, Just Download, no sign up required.
Lead Magnet
  • Free Monthly Campaign Planner Guide Download
  • Instructions Video
  • Marketing Planner Link
Follow Through Plan
  • Marketing Automation – delivering ongoing marketing and sales related value
  • Invitation to schedule a free marketing discovery session through Calendly on Landing Page

Multiplatform Approach

  • Cold Email
  • Warm Email sequence
  • LinkedIn Contact Messaging
    • LinkedIn Connection Strategy
    • LinkedIn Content Strategy
  • Youtube Video Promo
  • Facebook Page Promotion
  • Facebook Advertising to customer profile
  • Instagram Promotion
  • Instagram content
  • Google Advertising
  • Press Release
  • Current client connection
  • Podcast Platform
  • SEO
  • Blog
Promotion Start Date: 5 January
Promotion End Date: 28 January
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