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Feel Free to go through these frequently asked questions about our marketing consulting and implementation services.

How do your consulting services differ from your online marketing services?

The online marketing service packages are targeted at small to medium-sized business owners that want to partner with a marketing agency and outsource their marketing activities. This arrangement allows you to spend more time on other things in your business. The packages are customised to each business’s needs and are designed for consistent activity each month. The marketing consulting service is where we strategise and mentor on all marketing, promotional, advertising and sales-related issues within your business. We act as if we were your marketing director, except we are not on the books.

How does your consulting service differ from your marketing agency services?

A marketing consultant is your advisor, confidant and mentor that encourages you to take action and stay consistent with your approach to overall marketing and sales. A marketing consultant works with you to develop your marketing strategy and then helps you implement the strategy and plan. We also educate you on executing the strategy with your internal resources. 

A consultant will often work with your business over a more extended period, usually on a retainer and will coordinate the fulfilment of the activities of the marketing strategy.

How do I know if I need the services of a marketing agency, a marketing consult, or both?

Many businesses will need marketing agency services and marketing consulting services at different times. You may be better off using our agency services for Adhoc and low-level projects, such as website development or pay-per-click advertising. For daily execution, consulting can help you stay focused on getting results.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

Without a written marketing strategy, your business makes decisions on the fly. This results in disjointed marketing efforts and wasted time and resources on activities that may or may not work for your business. When your strategy is written down, you become more focused. Committing your goals, strategies and activities to a written document is the only way to avoid losing sight of what you want to achieve – turning your ideas, marketing, and sales goals into a proven reality.

Is having a marketing system important to the success of my marketing activities?

If you want your marketing to be successful, you need to treat marketing as a high-priority process – see it as a series of actions to achieve your particular marketing goal. But unless you create a marketing system, your marketing process could be inefficient and inconsistent, producing results that are less than you had hoped.

The key to implementing an effective marketing system is to ensure it aligns with your marketing strategy and defines the steps you will take to implement a successful inbound marketing funnel.

Cost is a concern; how much should I budget for your services?

Cost is always a concern, and you definitely want to make a return on your marketing investment. The answer to this is pretty complicated, as costs relate directly to several factors:

1 – What does your business needs?

2 – The type of engagement of our working relationship?

3 – How aggressively do you want to market?

Each client has different needs, and we cost the project according to these needs and your budget.

Do you provide client references?

We are happy to provide client references to serious prospects once we have held initial discussions and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of an engagement.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?

Most definitely! We understand the importance of trade secrets. These trade secrets are often core to your business differentiation and competitive advantage. Our terms of service include an NDA element; we will sign it for you if you need a more detailed agreement.

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