Marketing Strategy & Plans

Clearly define your competitive advantage and the approach to your marketing, sales and promotion

The purpose of the marketing strategy and plans

The marketing strategy and plan service on offer will help up get clarity with regard to your business marketing and promotional efforts. From unpacking your offer and identifying your ideal clients to planning your differentiation through analysing the actions of your competitors, your marketing campaigning calendar will be drawn up and your marketing and promotional guide.

Our Marketing Strategy and Plan Process

We develop your marketing strategy and campaign plan in phases 

1 – Strategy Development

The Strategy Development and presentation phase usually averages 1 month and we aim to deliver the strategy presentation before the end of the first month of engagement. To meet this deadline we require the following interaction with you and the key players within your business:

Week 1:
Unpacking Your Offer:

This is a session where we delve deep into your offer, the products and/or services you sell to your target market. The greater our understanding is of your business the more opportunities we will be able to uncover.

Ideal Client Identification:

As detailed in our methodology, we will uncover your ideal client’s profile. This will help us aim the marketing and promotional efforts directly to the needs and wants of those potential clients that are most likely to buy from you. This will help reduce promotional costs and ensure that the campaigns that are built relate directly to these clients. Once identified, we segment the clients into specific and relatable segments that present similar characteristics and are easy to identify.

Week 2:
Competitor Review:

This session is where we uncover the details of your competition. We look for the type of promotion and marketing activities they engage in and establish alternative campaigns that will be more attractive to your ideal clients.


Differentiating your business from your competition will help you dominate your marketplace. We will uncover as many elements that make you stand out above your competition which will help potential clients see you as the obvious choice with which to engage, interact and do business.

Core Message Development

Based on your differentiation factors we will develop your core marketing message. The core marketing message is the basis for the brand of your business. This will demonstrate what your business is about and what you stand for. This will attract Clients and prospects to your business as they will know what is in it for them and what they can expect from you.

Week 3:
Content Strategy

The content strategy is a key part of the overall marketing strategy as your content becomes the basis of your communication strategy. We will define what will be promoted to clients and when and how the content will be delivered. The content strategy is based on the 7 parts of the “Sales Psychology” and reinforced by the marketing objectives. We will also look at the content formats and decide which forms of content should be repurposed for future use.

Week 4:
Strategy Compilation and Presentation

Based on the information collected, our team will research your competition, assess your products and services on offer, find additional promotional opportunities, and build the marketing and sales strategy. Once complete, our next session will be the presentation of the marketing strategy for your approval. This session will outline the concepts of the marketing campaigns that will be used for the marketing and promotion of your brand, products and services to potential and current clients.

The Production phase usually takes 1 month to build and test the base elements of the strategy. This includes, but is not limited to building content, website, adverts and marketing automation all of which will be used to market and promote your brand, business, products and services.

Management is an ongoing process and we aim to get to the management phase as quickly as possible as it is at this time that the lead generation and marketing automation strategies are in full swing. Each monthly campaign will be built and implemented as determined by the marketing calendar.

Our Marketing Strategy and Plan Duration & Cost


The duration of the marketing strategy and plan development is 3 Months. Each phase will be carried out and presented upon completion.

Strategy and Plan Costs

The cost of the strategy and plan development starts at R 20 000 per month for South African Businesses or $2000 for cross-border businesses.