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Marketing Strategy & Plans

Clearly define your competitive advantage
and approach your marketing, sales  and promotion

The purpose of the marketing strategy and plans

The marketing strategy and plan service on offer will help up get clarity with regard to your business marketing and promotional efforts. From unpacking your offer and identifying your ideal clients to planning your differentiation through analysing the actions of your competitors, your marketing campaigning calendar will be drawn up and your marketing and promotional guide.

Our Marketing Strategy and Plan Process

We develop your marketing strategy and campaign plan in phases 

In the first month, we spend our time with you and your team unpacking your offer, working on your ideal client profile. 

Our second month is focused on your competition and differentiating your business to help you stand out above the competition.  

Our third phase is where we plan your marketing content and campaign planner known as the Marketing Calendar. 

Once all parts are complete and agreed upon you are able to start marketing to your audience.

Our Marketing Strategy and Plan Duration & Cost


The duration of the marketing strategy and plan development is 3 Months. Each phase will be carried out and presented upon completion.

Strategy and Plan Costs

The cost of the strategy and plan development starts at R 20 000 per month for South African Businesses or $2000 for cross-border businesses.