Rapid Leads Strategy

The fastest strategy to scale your business

Leads Are Commodities

The Lead Generation Reality

Gone are the days when sharing a Facebook post or getting likes made sales. It was the perfect scenario, cheap content posting made endless sales. But it was a social media growth tactic and was never intended to last. 

Back then, Facebook was playing the engagement game and they gave away “free leads and reach” in order to buy your loyalty. They positioned themselves brilliantly. 

Known as a loss leader, similar engagement strategies have been used by almost all online and social media platforms.

The Lead Generation Solution

The solution is simple. Online Leads have become what leads have always been… a Commodity. If you wanted to build your business before social media you would buy advertising slots on radio and TV, in the newspaper or magazines and on billboards. Advertising and lead generation was bought and paid for.

Done correctly, paid advertising is very profitable. Leads are a commodity and the solution is to buy them. This means that the amount you are willing to invest in advertising has a direct reflection on the growth of your business. However, it is wise to start with smaller manageable budgets and scale rather than going blindly full steam ahead.

This Simple Strategy Is The Fastest Way To Scale Your Business​

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